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The SG is mine!!! (NGD)


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Hey everyone!! Yesterday when i went to the music store, I played the SG for almost 90 minutes then decided I had to have it... it is a beautiful guitar and sounds awesome!! The neck is very comfortable and it plays like a dream [biggrin] It's got DiMarzio pups in it that sound amazing (a PAF pro in the neck and a Norton in the bridge) although eventually I will probably swap them for some Seymour Duncan's (I'm thinking a Pearly Gates in the bridge and an Alnico II pro in the neck).


I ended up paying $700 for the guitar. He gave me the hardshell case, a couple sets of strings, a strap, and a set of pup covers for free. Also, it comes with 2 years of free tune-ups and such (which is a huge plus, esp. since he really knows what he's doing - he gave the guitar a set up and i dont think it could've been set up any better). [thumbup] In addition, he contacted the original owner and he is going to also give me the original Gibson 490 humbuckers for free [biggrin]


By the way, if any of you are in the Chicago-ish area I would highly recommend this store. It's called Great Lakes Music and it's in Mundelein. The guys there are really friendly and know a TON about guitars and such. They're just great guys and awesome to talk to [thumbup]


Anyway, I got some great pics yesterday and i know you guys probably wanna see them, so here ya go!!


Sitting in its case...



I really like this angle [biggrin]



Close-up of the body and pups



Showing off its beautiful curves....



The famous headstock



The body



Another really cool angle...



One of my favorite angles [thumbup]



Buddy loves the SG too!! [lol]



(More pics can be found HERE)


Now my next task is to find myself a good tube amp that rocks with the SG!! [biggrin]


It's my first Gibson, and I am very proud of it!! I will definitely cherish this guitar for many years to come, and look forward to making many memories and great music with it!!!!


Rock on everyone!! [thumbup][biggrin]

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Thanks everyone!!


Dem00n, this baby's gonna be a road warrior for sure. I told my parents that in 30 years when she's all dinged up she's gonna look even cooler than she does now... [thumbup]


Jeff-7, a good tube amp is gonna be my next purchase... although unfortunately my parents aren't as motivated to let me get a 100-watt stack as I'd like them to be lol [cursing][scared][lol] most likely gonna get some type of smaller tube head (definitely >30 watts) and a 1x12 or 2x12 cab, or a combo if i can find a nice one. i'm looking for something that is small enough for home but also where I could do small gigs with it...


Dub-T-123, thanks man! And yea i do realize that it cost the same as buying it new, but it did have the upgraded DiMarzio pups in it, and he gave me all that extra stuff (the hardshell case alone is probably $100-150), so when you add up all i got for free, i think it was actually not that bad of a deal. plus i get free set-ups for 2 years by a guy who really knows what he's doing when it comes to tech stuff... he's been working on guitars since the 70's i think. lastly, i like to support local business as much as i can. i like what they're doing and i'd rather support them than some big national chain. the customer service i get there could NEVER be matched by GC, Sam Ash, etc. Plus all the guys that run Great Lakes Music are just genuinely nice people who also know a ton about guitars. Either way though, they gave me a good deal and I couldn't pass it up, because I know that if I had bought it at GC (even buying new instead of used) I'd NEVER get that type of deal or customer service [biggrin]

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once again thanks everyone!! my next task is to find a partner to plug her into [thumbup] gonna hit up some shops this weekend and play a bunch of different amps; hopefully i'll find one i love that matches my budget.


Congrats dude. I kinda dig SGs. Tube amp, definitely. Check out the Fender Hot Rod series, they rock out of the box but can be modded into boutique killers.


I'll definitely check one out!! I played a Hot rod deville 4x10 at GC once but I couldn't turn the volume past 1.5 cuz it was too loud lol... but ill find somewhere where I can crank it right in the middle of the store [flapper]



Congrats on that beauty! So awesome!

The pics, by the way, are amazing. I don't know what kind of camera you used, but They are some of the best pics of an SG I have ever seen.


Thanks!!! Photography is one of my other passions; I do mostly nature/landscape stuff but I've been taking photos for about 5 years now so i definitely think that helps in taking good pics of my guitars ;) I use a Nikon D60, and for these particular pictures i just used the standard Nikon 18-55mm lens that came with it. I also have a 70-300mm telephoto lens but I only use that for taking photos at sporting events and such...



Lol yeah I was actually zoning out on the picture quality just now. I've taken pics from similar angles but I can't get them to come out very good with the super crappy camera on my phone.


That is a nice faded. Looks like a 2 piece body.


Thanks man!! I took a really close look earlier today but I couldn't find any spots in the body where it looked like 2 pieces of mahogany were glued together.... so i think it's a one-piece body. maybe i got lucky lol... but i was a little disappointed when i removed the back plate and found that it has the pcb board instead of wiring [thumbdn] :angry: so i'm planning on ordering one of the vintage wiring kits from RS guitarworks.... maybe not now but eventually. i think it will make it sound a lot better [smile]



the lack of scars on the pickguard tells me the origional owner didn't play it much..........good score !!

what yr. model is it?


I have a sister in Wilmette and a nephew in the south-side....I may have to get one of them to check that place out occasionally.


yep. the guys at Great Lakes told me the original owner bought it new from there, had it for 3 months, then decided to trade it back to them for some Rivera amp because the guy already had another SG.



Nice guit! Dammit... now I want an SG, I feel left out... [biggrin]


I;ll have to check out that music store too, I kinda live in the area


Yea, I'd definitely recommend it. Great Lakes Music in Mundelein on Rt. 45; Great store, awesome people... its right by where town line (rt. 60) and lake st. (45) cross. if you're going west down 60, you take a right on 45 and it's right past the train tracks on the left. It's in that little bundle of stores right before Consumers bank... Tell them that I (Greg) sent you!! [biggrin][thumbup] ;)


(Their exact address is 1230 South Lake Street, Mundelein, IL 60060)

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For what it's worth, I think the SG is the best overall solidbody. Period.


Take advantage of getting the original pickups, too.


If you have it set up with strings of your choice, there's not much you can't do with an SG. It even can do jazz rather decently or the wildest of rock substyles.


Good on you...


Oh, for an amp as you describe, I personally think the Deluxe Reverb is "it." But it may be a bit on the pricey side new, depending on your budget. For what it's worth, I've read good reviews on a Deluxe Reverb emulator box that can be run into even a solid state amp and...



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