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Replacement Pearloid Buttons for Epiphone Les Paul

Matt Falcus

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Ahhhhhh....MANY sources - Do you have a MAX price?

They can range from $25 a set from Guitarfetish, to $70 or more

from other vendors.

I snag my sets from a vendor on ebay, Gibson Deluxe Tulips, average around

$40 a set plus small shipping fee.


Speaking of ebay - just checked for grins.

Main search result page from ebay........



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My existing ones are the cheapest plastic ones, and I just need a single replacement for a snapped button.


Are they not available any cheaper than the ones you're quoting?


Not likely, as tuners and replacement buttons/tips are sold in SETS.

To replace the single broken Tip, you'd have to buy a set of tips, then MELT

the plastic tip into the shaft, then a bit of superglue at the joint just for

good measure... OR purchase a new set. For Real.

Difficult to score just one tuner, even locally, unless you just stumble across it.


Least expensive SET I can come up with, from GUITARFETISH (I buy lots of goodies from them):




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