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Hiya guys


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Been having some prolonged issues with my password here, been browsing nonetheless.


Just thought I'd say hello.


I have since discovered that my stagefright is absolutely paralyzing. I went to see Robert Randolph play, and he was calling people up to play, I was next in line and my legs went from under me. Yips, scary. Best I start slower eh? Also had the pleasure of seeing Joe Bonamassa pull some crazy stuff, made a massive fan out of me. He recalled playing at the same club, when he was 12, sitting on a cough with BB King, and that day having realized "This is the exact same couch!" twenty one years removed.


Been getting a lot into some good ol' Zeppelin recently too, never really noticed how much *** it kicks.


Been getting a lot into Thelonious Monk recently too, he and I share a habit of waking family and neighbors up at ungodly hours playing music it seems. Quite the innovator, though its been documented that he was hard to play with, simply for the unorthodox nature of his style, dropping "bombs" on the piano as a drummer would the bass drum. It really is great stuff


Nice to be back.

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Welcome back.


Sounds like you've been seeing some great stuff. And then - Zep and Monk - now that's quite the mix. B)


Monk is great. Some years I was really into jazz. I still play it some and love to listen.

My dad did very well in broadening my musical tastes, I owe him a lot more than I know.


Stumbled upon a CD of Beethoven's piano sonatas at the local CD store (small business of course). Kicked off an obsession with them.



Absolutley fantastic.

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