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Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I was messing around with my two bass amps. A swr working pro 12(200 watt), and an acoustic b100 (100 watt). Well, in my never-ending search for more power, I messed around, attempting to hook these two amps up. My result was, running a guitar cable from the effects send on the swr, to the input jack on the acoustic amp. Boom! Huge sound/volume increase on the acoustic, and I don't believe I can notice a power increase on the swr (which makes sense). The controls still work on both the heads. My question is, is this going to be bad for the heads on the amps? I know I need to be careful with the 15 inch speaker on the acoustic, but I'm worried about somehow damaging the heads at all. Whatcha think?? Anyone ever done this before?

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You are probably running a line level signal (2V) into a low level input (millivolts). This can work but you should not run the piggy-back amp to max volume: even so you may overload the circuit between its input and its first volume control. Better, place an attenuator between first and second amp: do you have something like a Graphic EQ pedal that can reduce the signal?

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