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I have no clue

boss gt8

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I need someones help ---- I just acquired an epi Les Paul Standard Plus and after reading some post in here about GFS, I am kinda curious....I have always used DiMarzios and Duncans but Im going for a change.


Now, I play in a classic rock band and once in awhile, a little 80's metal....I have picked out 3 sets of GFS p'ups. They are : CLASSIC II A-2, VINTAGE EXTRA HOT, or VINTAGE 59...who has experience in these and could you help me out here?


Im going to make my purchase on tuesday.......


Thanx guys [biggrin]


Rob - boss gt8

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The only ones out of your list I've any experience with are the Vintage 59's.


Personally I didn't think they were any improvement on the stock Epi pickups but a lot of people on here really rate them so perhaps I'm just an oddball!


At the price you aren't risking much and GFS offer a no risk swap if you're not happy.


I must say that their Mean 90's are awesome at any price though.

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Sort of like Wiggy,

No experience with the others.

I did put vintage 59s in one of my Epi Pauls. Very similar to the stock pups. If I play through one of my amps (60w/135w) they do sound clearer and more defined. If I play through my 15w practice amp I find very limited difference.




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