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My 1982 epiphone flying v

Casey Schurman

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Welcome Casey,


If you could please upload a picture of the subject guitar so it can be visually examined, that would be most considerate. Off the top of my head maybe 4 or 500 dollars, if it was in pristine condition maybe a little more. Pictures and a serial number would help the experts here get a better idea of the condition and any other nuances that might be present.

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Are you talking about one of these? This is a Model 1140 Flying-V

Very rare guitars. Not super high quality though. Late 70's and early 80's Matsumoku guitars were pretty hit or miss from what I understand.


This is all I know of the specs. Not really much info, but its all I have.

This one is a 1983.

Made by Matsumoku, Japan

- Bolt-on Maple neck with Skunk Stripe

- Rosewood fretboard

- 1 Humbucker

- 1 Vol. 1 Tone knobs

- Floyd Rose Non-locking tremolo

- Explorer-style headstock

- No truss rod cover

- Input jack on top of lower horn


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