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HNGD: 91 LP Studio "CUSTOM"


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I bought my 11th Gibson today:


A 1991 Studio (with ebony fretboard), not original anymore....


It has 3 humbuckers (neck: Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz, middle: Gibson 496R, brigde: Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB)

Jimmy Page wiring (push-pull on both volumepots for coil slitting and push-pull on both tonepots for in and out of phase)

Flipswitch for on/off, for the middle humbucker.

Bigsby B7 and a Schaller "rollerbrigde"


This baby rocks, like Neil Young meets Frampton.....











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Wow! That really does look like a Workhorse...


Might not win in the Beauty stakes but I'll bet it really Rocks Out!




Yeah she rocks alright.


I.m goinf to practise with my band tonight, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young is on the playlist.

So she's going to scream tonight....

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