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One of the things I love.....


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Sometimes I'm in the mood to just wail away with wild abandon! Anyone else get a thrill out of that? There's some songs that are really good for that. I've been playing Solitary Man by Neil D all morning, playing softly during the verse, then totally letting loose on the chorus. What a flippin' thrill! I love it! I think Neil plays a Southern Jumbo on that one but the J-185 does it really well [wub] Yeah!!!

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Ah . . . .


Great release.


Heck ya. When I really want to wail, I plug in my J-200 or get out my Boomer - a Guild F412 that has unbelievable volume and projection. Townsend, CCR, Van Morrison . . . .


And yes, Neil Diamond fits in there too. B)

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GG, When I want to wail away, I grab a strummer and bang out this oldie!!!:




Well, I don't give a damn about a green back dollar

Spend it fast as I can

For a wailing song and a good guitar

Are the only things that I understand

Oh Lord, the only things that I understand


Some people say I'm a no count

Others say I'm no good

But I'm just a natural born traveling man

Doing what I think I should

Oh Lord, doing what I think I should


When I was a little baby, my mother said, hey son

Travel where you will

And grow to be a man

And do what must be done

Oh Lord, do what must be done

Now that I'm a grown man

I've traveled here and there

I've learned that a bottle of brandy and a song

Are the only ones who ever care

Oh Lord, are the only ones who ever care

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Been wailin' away for a day or two on John Prine's "Forbidden Jimmy." I have no earthly clue why.


Ginger Caputo and Dorian Gray

Oughta stay out of pictures if they got nuthin' to say.

So stack 'em back on the rack, Jack

You know they're hurting my eye

Forbidden Jimmy, he's getting ready to fly.

I'm gonna make all your sorrows bright, set your soul free.

I'll see you tomorrow night, if I can stil seeeeeee.....





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Greenback Dollar! That's a great wailin' song OWF.


Anne, I don't know that one but you can bet I'm heading over to YT right now to find it [thumbup] Funny how songs go in and out of favour with me too.


Vincent, I can think of a few good JD wailin' songs. Calypso, Thank God I'm A Country Boy.... I could go on [thumbup]

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Charlie Parker once said something to the effect that you practice, practice and practice. You then practice some more and really get to know your instrument. Then you walk out on a stage and forget all that and just wail.


My playing is pretty rough and unvarnished normally. I am at my happiest when I am slamming out something like Charlie Patton's "34 Blues."

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