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I just ordered my first J 45 VS


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Thanks to all for your help, advice , and nudges in the right direction.


Ships from Gibson on the 14th of February. This is going to be a long wait...


I better get going and paint it's room, get some fluffy toys and organize the crib.


So much to do when you're expecting.............



LOL....I know what you are going through, lol, Congrads!!

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Hey Acousticologist


Im going to just going to come out and say it u have some nice guitars any sound clips or youtube vids i can check out?

cant wait to see the new addition





Hey Beard,


thanks... glad you approve... =) They certainly make my heart beat a little faster than normal .....



I've got video clips here of my Ellis Acoustic:


And I recorded most of my first record "Acoustic Sessions" with my HD-28.

You can hear that at:



Just hit the "music" tab, and you'll see the different albums...





and the rest of the collection came after the all the record sales... =)

But I'll be in the studio soon, and there will be plenty of acoustic goodness coming from my collection...





what's your 45 like?? I can;t wait to get mine...

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Thanks for the links :) Well i had a d16rgt martin but sold it to buy my j45. I loved it when I first got it and it just keeps getting better. Mine is the standard I tried the vintage and liked it as well but it was this individual guitar that really came alive when i played it.I had thought of getting a higher end Martin as my high school music teacher had a Martin so I thought a Hd28 or something but this guitar just fit me better. my gf was with me and was like your going to buy that arent u? Its just a wonderful guitar and I can say nothing negative about it. look forward to hearing your recordings with the 45 when u get it :) and hope it gives u the same joy mine gives me !!

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