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Mom's Old ES-120T

dr carver

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The 1962 ES-120T


Maybe not vintage or collectable, but...


This is a guitar that my mom bought used in the early 60's and had kept until she died.

When she got older,she didn't play it much because her fingers became very tender. They were sore even when she didn't play, so you can imagine what is was like when she did. Anyway, from time to time when I was home, I would pull it out from behind her chair and tune it up, just in case.


After she died in 2006, I got the guitar and her old Kay amp. They've been sitting in the corner of my music/computer/radio room frowning at me, so the other day I picked up the 120, plugged it in and played a little on it. "Definitely needs new strings... Doesn't sound quite right..." I said to myself. So I got some new strings, but the bridge back on the correct way (evidently mom had changed strings and taken them all off instead of one at a time and put the bridge on backwards and in the wrong position), and adjusted the intonation as best I could. I then removed a couple of years worth of grime (plenty left)and played it some more. What a difference!


Now don't get me wrong. Mom's old Gibson isn't pristine by any means. It's all original and has the battle scars that go with the miles. When she was younger, everywhere she went, it went. And the 120T was an "entry level" guitar. Still, it has a character to it's sound and a feel to it that is unique to perhaps that era..


I'll stop now.

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