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WANTED! Epiphone Wildkat SEAFOAM/Turquoise! :)


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Hi! I am really desperate to get my hands on an Epiphone Wildkat in the Seafoam/Turquoise colour (the one regina spektor plays) post-30332-048146600 1296557455_thumb.jpg


Can anyone out there help me in locating one? I know that Epiphone no longer manufactures them and that, apparently, there weren't that many made in the seafoam colour in the first place, but seriously there has to be one out there for me somewhere! :-({|=


I live in Perth, Western Australia, so I think there is more chance of hell freezing over than me actually finding one here! So I don't really care where I have to ship from. I have relatives in the US, so could probably organise with them, if need be, to help with shipping it over to me, if one is found in good ol' U S of A.


Ok, please help!


Thanks in advance :) justine

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I am sorry that my response is almost a year later but if you are still looking for a SEAFOAM Wildkat I have one that I would be willing to sell it is in perfect condition no scratches or flaws. The only thing that has been changed are the control knobs that are now dice this was the way it was when I received it If I remember it also has upgraded pickups. Please let me know.




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Hi guys


Thank you so much to those who replied with Wildkat's in seafoam that they were willing to sell. I must send my apologies as I actually totally forgot about this post and pretty soon after I posted it, I "hacked" Craig's List and found a seller in Fort Worth Texas, USA and bought my dream guitar! YIPPEE!


So, I guess that means hell has frozen over three times now (but whose counting?)


Cheers everyone!



A very happy & proud owner of a Seafoam Epiphone Wildkat! Yeeha! [thumbup]

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