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Thank you for the nice words, my friends. Mister GIBS is not in a very good state, although he produces brilliant sounds. I can not humidify well this capricious guitar and now the action is REALLY very high.

After some time I'll bring the guitar to my luthier.

For this recording I used an Yamaha Stage Pass 250 and a voice processor - TC Hellicon G. The first capo is on the fret II and clips all the strings. The second capo is on the fret IV and clips the strings fron 1 to 5. The string 6 is free. Like that I play in some "Open D style" but matter of fact in F. The original tonality in C for this song is for the divine voice of Sir Paul McCartney.

I capture the video and the audio with my spall ZOOM Q3 and don't make aditional works on the audio and the video before posting that.

Soon I'll upload new stuff.

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