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semi hollow body studio?


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the one guitar i've never owned was a semi-hollowbody. i saw an ES-339 on the wall at GC recently, and it looks really sweet: i like the smaller body size relative to the ES-335.


but i am in no position to drop another $2K on a guitar. :)


does/did Gibson ever make a "studio" ES, either 335 or 339? i know there's an Epiphone Dot and Dot Studio, wondering if there are any like this made in the USA...


am i alone in this interest?



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I'm not an expert on your subject, but looking at the vintage books

the Arch Tops ie Hollow Bodies had the L5's and then

ones like my L7 which was considered the working man's

model, ergo not as pricey then or now compared to an L5.

I will say this, I have installed a floating p'up on mine and I am

very impressed with the tone and it has been a joy to record

with by mic-ing the amp. So kinda a studio model now.

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I'd get an Epi dot(maybe a gently used MIK) and put Gibby 57s in it if you are on a budget.


that's what i am thinking i may do...


i just really 1. wanted to buy american and 2. like the 339 size body...


i guess i can always save up: it's not that i NEED one of these. gonna go pay a Dot once this storm passes... :)

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