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1998 Les Paul help and advice needed.


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I just bought my first Gibson, however it is a "project". I am about to start rebuild of this Les Paul but before I do anything I might later regret, I would love some advice from those that know these guitars better. Basically, I want to be sure it isn't anything "special", particularly valuable, or collectible. The original guitar.


1998 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Color: Wine Red

Hardware: Gold finish saddle/bridge

Gold finish Grover tuners


I would like to make some changes, because I have never been crazy about the gold finish hardware. So, I plan to sell/trade off those for Nickel finish hardware. As far as color, I am not sure yet what I want to do there. The paint is completely stripped when I bought it, so I have options. The back and sides look really good, and I might stain and poly coat that in Mahogany finish. The top is Maple I "think" and may paint it, because it doesn't look as good as the back and sides. I might paint the top a deep red, still unsure. The headstock was also stripped of all it's markings and logos, and I will need to fix that somehow, although not sure how. Are those decals? Screen Printed? Should I replace the headstock veneer w/ a new one complete with logos and scripts? If they are decals, where can I find authentic Gibson decals?


Anyway.. I'm sure as I progress I will have new questions, but before I do anything, i want to be sure I will not be destroying a collectible.


Thanks for any and all advice, and input.

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Hi and welcome.


You can rest easy. The guitar you are planning to modify, although a fine instrument, isn't remotely collectable.


The very best thing you can do would be go directly into 'The Gibson Lounge' section of the forum.


In there, as a sticky right at the top, there is a project where one intrepid member is completely re-finishing his own Les Paul Studio.


In that post there will be found all the answers to every question you could dream up!


Good luck!



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