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Historic 335 serial number help needed


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I'm no expert on Gibsons so I can't comment beyond what you seem to already know. Based on Serial Number Search at Gibson.com, it does indeed indicate a 2005 issue.


The big question here is where did you buy it? If you bought from a dealer, they should have given you the 2005 selling price - not the 2007 selling price... and they should have known what year it was made. If you bought via private party, that person could have made an honest mistake. It's not uncommon to find a dealer with one or more brand new models from previous years.

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does it have the orange label with Nashville USA or Memphis USA???

The serial on your guitar is a 2005 .

I don't know for sure when Gibson have moved the production of semis to Memphis...

The orange label should indicate that.

Enjoy the new baby...#-o

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