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Dark Fire Firware to Dusk Tiger Firmware


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So I took my courage in both hands and it's DONE.


1 - I loaded the guitar back!

I started with update on my PC the "SetupEchoFirewire5.5.

Until the I risked nothing.


Then I installed the "chameleonToneEditorPC1-0-9"

Once installed I launched the software. I was asked to plug the RIP.

Then they asked me to connect my guitar robot with stereo rip cord. With the guitar as seen by the PC I was asked to make the MCK and scrape the strings for tuning.


Once the tuning is the software told me that guitar could be maintained by the 2-02 version ....

Do not update ---- Update 8 - [


I clicked on the update MCK is turned off and back on and a progress bar appeared on the screen. Once you arrive at 100% indicates that the PC will reboot the guitar. Can you still hear the MCK and it's over.


I did the update to 15 and it is 18:30 or 3:30 test firmware dusk tiger on my dark fire.

1 - It was not that complicated.

2 - The guitar still works [smile]

3 - The menu is different MCK is involved now! :-k


When I turn on the dark fire for the first time it indicates that the blue S after dusk tiger manual is standard tuning.

After tuning it will display the last selected.

Difference 1: I have three bank tuning but one that includes the blue bank (Standard, Dropped D, Double Dropped D, Open E, Open A, Open D, Open G, E flat, E minor Open, Low D and DADGAD) brief the most common.


If I press the MCK bank I go Green is the camel tone here modes (LP'58 Neck LP'55 Neck LP'55 Neck / Bridge, Bridge rhythm LP, 335 Neck Stratocaster Neck Start Bridge Tele Bridge, Tele Neck Acoustic Neck LATEST rotation is the battery level).

Difference 2: At first I saw the most chameleon of Dark Fire (the mode twang, metal, L5 ...) it's new!

Difference 3: For the battery finished second on both C and the bars going up and the blue flash for full battery, now I see the level as with the bars but when I load nothing flashes as progress bars and a measure of the load is full when all bars are lit.

Difference 4: Dark Fire on the chameleon to change the tone I had to choose, then press to select it and hear it, now it is possible that I turn the knob to activate the new tone without pushing it faster.


I depress the MCK and I found a bank to bank identical yellow blue tuning, I look at the record because it's normal but I can change that. ;)

It comes after ca


If I depress the MCK I go red bank that manages the functions of the program, the following functions Tuner Adjust intonation dusk tiger, create custom tuning, reference pitch set to 440, tune up to pitch string replacement, string down tune for removal and ACCESS USER BANKS!


There will come back to the bank yellow default program to put the same bank tunning blue, it is useless, we must start to change the software and go to the "key plate" to go to the menu preference.

EDITOR In section so I check "Access blue, green, yellow and alternative bank" and "immediatly to hear exchange magnetic pickup"

Then sync with the guitar. The box immediatly ... used to what I said earlier I turn the button I hear the new tone camel without pressing the MCK.

Access the blue ... can be loaded into the bank of yellow guitar sound 1, 2 and 3 to replace the duplicate tuning.

How they select a time we will synchronize the bank red G 1s then pressed the button goes yellow with a number. I chose the 1-8 sound bank that can hold 11 or 88 preset programs.

We will come back to empty presets.

If I chose 1 or 2 or 3 button flash green and iron red, I press the MCK and bank goes into yellow.

What is that LP Comp, solo LP, Lp lowmid solo, Gent, Jazzy P10, P30 Funky, Smooth Twang, Twang Sharp, Acoustic and P10-30 Slide Reso.

11 short colt tone more. The bank yellow 2 is identical to the dark tone chameleon fire (L5, Metal, Funky, Gibson, Twang, Rock, Acoustic, Blues ...) The bank has three yellow chameleon tone created by Chris and Peter Weihe (335, Funky , P90 LP 1955, LP 1958 ....)

Writ of origin 3 yellow and 1 green banks a total of 44 tone chameleon.


So why let the banks Yellow 4-8 empty??

It's just for personal users is still 55 seats available.

This can be done by the guitar but it is complicated .... The simplest one connects the guitar to the PC I can choose the right banks simply select an empty I click the + button to add a chameleon or a tuning of the dark if they fire you miss it is possible to recreate or make personal.

The must-you can choose a preset on the same tuning and sound chameleon Me! [woot]


In short many potential micro single, double, piezo, out of phase, one can choose the equalization of microphones, the tunning ... once I finish and synchronizes the backup guitar to find them in the bank example bank perst yellow 4 1.


In short, you could define a type of sound or tuning to your favorite guitarists and two rotation bam you past Peter Frampton Slash for example you set.

Or in concert I can provide a bank yellow 4 preset sound of the song 1 if the tuning or changes to the song I go 2 a shot rotation to preset 2 hop new sound and tuning .... could be repeated for all a live ...


Me I'm creating for the moment that the tuning of the placebo group, as in 3:30 it took me quite a test function, and it took me time to understand how sound change bank yellow because I don ' had not tick the box in the Editor of the coup there was a yellow tunning ... ****ing instructions in English ... plus it was not in the manual but in guitar software manual! [cursing]


But with only good 3h3o I already know the feeling of new features, there just has to retain or have his hand are the different tone chameleon origin of 3 yellow bank to recall.

But the firmware already dusk tiger seduced me from a dark fire, more "user friendly" last-k (color coding, support, revolves not so friendly) by its timeliness and the opportunity to hear the chameleon by simple rotation.

The creation of presets is very interesting and opens a wide field of possibility in tuning, equalization, creating camel with personal style microphone we want.


Anyway I still bluff by this firmware! = D> [love]

And I do not think backtracking! The result of the test and I passed [wub]

Even if there is a small adjustment but not bad.


Here, for the adventure of migration of firmware, I hope you other owners of Dark Fire I would have informed, helped or informed.

If you have any questions or if you hesitate to go under this firmware by doubt, ask your questions on this topic. I will try to answer why or by conducting tests if you have ideas which I would not think ....


Go after 1h Drafting I post !!!!!

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I've been on this version for ages now & 90% of DarkFire owners are too !

I also know people that have changed back & forward between both Firmwares, But I wouldn't do that to often.


What you have stated above is in the DuskTiger manual anyway.


Have you worked out yet that you have lost the 'Latching'


I much prefer DuskTiger Firmware (same as 2010 LTD Firmware), over DarkFire's.....But where's the 'Latching' gone :o


For all good info on DarkFires etc go to .....


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