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Help dating my 70s SG


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I just bought what I was told is a 1974 Gibson SG that is supposedly the color "butterscotch". I looked at the Gibson dating page and am still unable to know if this is really a '74. The serial number is 129792. Here is a picture. Could someone please tell me model and year ?


Thank you

post-30447-057795600 1296838945_thumb.jpg

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It is an SG Standard, and even by serial number alone, YES, it could be a 1974. Check the potentiometer codes to confirm.


A 129,XXX serial number could have been used in '63, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, or early 1975. Obvious features and production dates, etc, will rule out many of those years.


1974 is very possible, AND I have a 74/75 catalog showing a VERY similar, if not exact, model (harmonica bridge, speed knobs, walnut finish, etc).

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1974 looks about right to me also. In 1975, Gibson used a small decal, with the serial number and the model on it. A SG Standard like yours, can only be a 1973 or a 1974 with the last of the six digit serial numbers. In 1971 & 1972, the model was replaced by the SG Deluxe. [thumbup]

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I've got what's supposed to be a 74 SG Standard, and it looks nearly identical to Yours. My finish is slightly darker though. I've heard that in 1974, the SG came Standard with an Ebony fretboard, which all the other years have the rosewood fretboard. I just recently purchased mine, and I'm very pleased with its condition, and the neck is straight as an arrow!

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