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i just opened a bottle of vodka...

S t e v e

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I'm about an hour away from cracking a few cold ones myself.

And thanks for the reminder Steve. I meant to pick up a bottle of vodka on the way home.

We have a few folks who work with us coming over for a party tomorrow to celebrate their new found freedom. They all got their layoff notices this week. The guitars and harmonicas, piano and vocals will be wailing away.

A good time will be had.


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Steve put down the bottle. We all know how east london guys are constantly fighting the urge to smash someone around theface with a bottle. Pretty rock and roll if you think about it [thumbup]


hahaha [thumbup], i'm at home at the mo so my smashing people around the face option is pretty limited as it's just the wife and 6 yr old son here...few more vodkas and i predict a bloodbath!

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