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Serious thread, your dream guitar

Silenced Fred

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Well aside from my Ric 360 12 which I got this past year, I've always wanted one of these....


Fender rosewood telecaster



Yes......I agree cookieman......For me, with gold hardware and a bigsby................

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Cool site, click here to design your own singlecut style guitar. Its pretty cool




If you want to post the picture of yours, I just took a screen shot, uploaded it to my flickr and then did the link. Probably an easier way


I think Neil Young plays one of those.

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I love that site, but here's My Three dream guitars....


A double neck Nighthawk.


A Double neck Stratocaster (in a Mary Kaye finish).


And a Mahogany Stratocaster with a set mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, Noiseless Single Coils (jury's still out on the make and model), and the most stable tremolo system known to man.


All the other guitars I want actually exist, so they not exactly dream guitars [flapper]

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Have mine already... Took me 2 years to get it built.... Gold leaf top, dark back, RS GuitarWorks Pot kit (bumble bee caps with Jimmy Page style push pull for coil tap and phase reverse) Seymour Duncan custom Jimmy Page 4 lead pick ups, 1970's double line double ring tunners, nickle bridge and stop bar, copper lined electronics and pick up cavities. Here she is;






You see here the back of the electronics plates which are copper lined too... The fronts are the regular black plastic.













Sorry for the big post but I love this guitar...

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