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Upgrades for Les Paul Jr?


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Welcome to the forum! That's a sweet guitar!

Well, as far as upgrades go, maybe the rest of the electronics.

But if it sounds ok then I wouldn't worry about it.

And unless the tuners don't hold tune, or

the intonation is way out, I'd leave it like it is!

Post some pics!



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(although I do like to see all of my guitars get some sort of straplocks)



YES! VERY IMPORTANT! I totally overlooked that one.

ALL my guitars have some sort of straplock, from cheap (but very workable) $4 a set units to $25 a set Schaller's.

You'll never regret straplocks! But you will if you ever drop it................

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The Epi '57 Reissue Jr. is a pretty solid little number right out of the gate. The Grover tuners don't need to be replaced, and the stock bridge is usually pretty close to dead on for intonation, although you can always add a Leo Quan or one of the other fancy intonatable wraparounds that Stew Mac offers. The pickup swap is a good idea, the stock Epi P90 is a little weak IMHO. Also maybe a P90 shim to get it closer to the strings. A new bone, Corian, or Graptech nut might be nice.


If I were going to upgrade the electronics, I'd at least upgrade the cheap Asian output jack for a USA Swirchcraft. You could also replace the pots with USA CTS and an orange drop cap, as well as cloth wiring if you were feeling motivated. It's about the easiest guitar to work on there is except maybe a tele.


Welcome to the forum!

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