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1952 Gold Top reissue


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Dear Members,


I've purchased a 1952 Reissue my first Les Paul and noticed that the bridge when looking at the guitar should be at a back slash position (\) and not at a forward slash (/) because at frets above 12 the tuning is totally off.


Unfortunately I think the problem is that Sam Ash in Vegas sold me knowingly the guitar with a lefty bracket.


Would appreciate any input on this before I start contacting them.



Luckily I have taken a photo of it at the shop before purchasing it and have attached it to this post and will leave the link to the Gibson website of what it should of looked like





post-30517-009928700 1296979177_thumb.jpg

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Yup - It looks like the tailpiece is installed like a "lefty".


I'll bet that the two arms were installed in the wrong positions. You might be able to just swap the arms around to get the correct slant on the thing by unscrewing them from the base and reinstalling them the other way around. It looks like the fine adjustment for the slant is done by screwing the arms into the base the right number of turns.


I'm sure they'll take care of it under warranty. [thumbup]

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I don't think there is a lefty version of this bridge. In my opinion, this guitar just hasn't been setup properly. This should be an easy fix - if you thighten the upper screw and loosen the lower screw that holds the bridge in place, you should be able to set the intonation. It might be wise to loosen the strings first to keep the bridge posts from scratching the lacquer. You can also adjust the action height while you're at it. If you feel insecure to do it yourself, let Sam Ash do it. They should have done it in the first place.



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