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Opinion sought on 61RI, Supreme, Std 60's


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I am totally torn between three SG's and would be grateful for some considered opinions -


I am looking at the 61 RI in white, Supreme (obviously 2nd hand) or a limited edition Standard 60's in white or silverburst (its constructed like the 61, but with slim taper 60's neck, ebony fretboard with burstbucker 3 and Burstbucker 1 - both coil tapped).


I know it is all down to my choice, but I just can't decide - I want them all!!!


Pricewise there is very little in it.


Thanks in anticipation of your input

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Ty forthw comments so far


My lean is toward the STD 60's (price nicer), but i do prefer the smaller scratchplate.


I've been offered a very nice supreme and as much as I drool, I prefer workhorse guitars that can take a bit of roughing up. I recently got a Lp junior bja in White. Wicked guitar!


That said, I love them all in different ways

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