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LP Swamp Ash -- weight


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Could anyone that owns a Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio please weight it (w/o the case :-)

and post the weight here?


Many posts refer to this type of wood as being 'light', but nowhere can I find the weight

as a specification. I'm trying to figure out just how much difference there is in this wood

(as I am getting on, and want to reduce the back strain etc., but not ready to unplug)


For example, my 80s LP Custom weighs about 11 lbs when hooked

by the middle of the strap to a non-digital portable luggage scale (not very scientific perhaps!)


Thanks in advance



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Seems like Gibson is the only company where the use of Swamp Ash DOES NOT result in weight reduction!

Obviously an 11 pound guitar is on the weighty side, and much more so than I would have expected. I don't know, this has me wondering.....

My Ash bodied Strats (not Swamp Ash) are heavier than the Alder bodied Strats. My Alder bodied PRS 503 is heavier than my PRS Swamp Ash Special (no maple caps on either). And Mahogany is, of course heavier than Alder. Perhaps Gibson is using a different type of Ash, or has found a supplier with a particularly dense type of Swamp Ash.

Possibly everything we've learned about wood is bunk.


I too have serious issues with my back. A very good, very light guitar in my pile is the new EVH Wolfgang. Very light, but still extremely resonant, great tones throughout the range of the pots, and so easy to play that it becomes almost semi-automatic. Recalls memories of how nice small frets were when done properly.

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