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Argentine Way Of Dancing Tango


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Argentine tango is popular not just for its style but also for its creative bent. This dance form was developed in Argentina and Uruguay, mainly in the region of Rio de la Plata. There have been different styles that evolved in numerous areas and ages, even in the dressing sense there was a significant change seen. This dance form was depicted to the influences of Europe and North America.


Striding along with the partner to the music tempo is what tango is all about. It is said that a good dancer is the one who can make the spectators feel the music with his/her moves. Argentine tango is one style that has lot of improvised steps in it. It also happens to be one dance genre that does not have any basic movements. Most of the moves are created by the instructors on the dance floor.


In 1985, the Argentine tango came to New York City with a Broadway dance show called Tango Argentino. This show had artists such as Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Miguel Zotto, Milena Plebs, Pablo Veron, Virulazo and Elvira. A number of students sought classes from the dance artists. One of the famous students was Robert Duvall. A dance studio was organized for this purpose by Paul Pellicoro. Even at talent shows this dance style was showcased. Tango canyengue, tango orillero, salon tango, tango Nuevo, Estilo Milonguero and show tango are the different styles of Argentine tango.


If you want to learn The Argentine Tango NYC has dance studios and academies that brings learners from all across the world to this city.

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