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Horrible dream last night


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I dreamed I was up on a stepladder, changing a lightbulb or something. A bunch of guitars were scattered about the room. The floor was littered with boxes of junk, newspapers, debris. My J-30 was standing up against the wall and suddenly fell over. I let a screech out of me because... well, it did fall over after all.


My oldest daughter walked in to see what the scream was about and I pointed to the floor, telling her to pick the J-30 up (I was still on the ladder). She tried to jump over the mess, miscalculated, and planted her foot right through the J-30s top.


I screamed some more. Lots more. I actually woke up and had to tell myself it was just a dream.


I was going to put it up for sale in the Great Purge of 2011 but now I'm thinking not.

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