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RIP Terry


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While still processing the fact that Gary Moore died way too young, I just found out that my VERY close friend, Terry Rissman, died last Friday.


Terry and I were friends since 1965. He was our drummer.


Too many drugs... too much booze.... too much bitterness over not making it "big"


As another friend said, "He was so young, but died so old."


He was 62.


Something someone wrote about him:

Beat is gone

With Joyous sound the band played on


'Baby What's New' was the song

Too soon - Too soon was our cry


The day rhythm voiced it's sad good bye


Seeing sweet innocence long stripped from the song


We bow our heads weeping... Beat is gone




RIP old friend.


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Rob -


My condelences to you, and your friend's family.




I've been through similar situations - when no matter what you do for a person you care about, your efforts fall helpless in bringing them out of their pain. It always reminds me of Norman Maclean's piece on the subject -


Each one of us here today will, at one time in our lives, look upon a loved one who is in need and ask: "We are willing to help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed?"

For it is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don't know what part of ourselves to give, or more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted.

And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us, but we can still love them. We can love completely, without complete understanding.

- A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, Norman Maclean

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Sorry for your loss.

I just received an e-flowermail from a 65 year old male who lives a couple thousand miles away and is one of my closest friends. I thought it was a bit odd coming from him, but after reading the message I thought differently. His point was to say he cared now and wanted to let me know it. "Who cares how many flowers you get at your funeral"! A bit mushy from a man to a man, but it still made me feel good. Too bad most of us have to get old in order to show our true feelings toward others....RIP Terry...........J

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My sincerest condolences to you on your loss. Having lost bandmate I know what a sting it is.


Being in a band with someone is a special bond. Even ex-bandmates that I had bitter disagreements with hold a special place in my heart.

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Dunno about you, but I've always figured friends were pretty hard to come by. Harder even, in ways, than family; certainly harder to come by are friends who become family.


Otherwise... been there, done that too. What more to say.



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Sorry to hear about you losing your friend. I have a good friend I've known since 1967. A drummer also. He is no Ginger Baker, or Corky Laing, but I would take him over any other drummer. He knew I was no Jack Bruce, or Felix Pappalardi either. We played well together. Hang in there.

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