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Planning on getting an Epiphone Dot


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I own a Tom DeLonge Epiphone and I like it but I want a new guitar to play with so i've considered a dot only because I like the body and necks of Epiphone's and cant stand fenders. However I was wondering if it has a good distortion sound. I am considering adding a dirty fingers pickup like the Tom DeLonge edition but if its a decent sound I can live without. I realize I'll probably get a lot of flack for doing something like that and playing punk with a jazz guitar but i dont really care. And I would go try one out at the store but its too far away. Thanks for any help or advice. I'm also open to other pickup suggestions. I like distortion and I use flangers and delays so i dont want clean sounding pickups.

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Contrary to what amx05462 posted the Dot Studios are far from crap.


A little darker in tone that a standard Dot due to their all mahogany construction they provide spectacular value for money and are great for that no frills, rockier sound. I would concede that the standard Epi pickups are horrible but with a decent HB at the bridge and a P90 at the neck you've got a versatile guitar which will do everything from blues to balls out rock.


The lack of dot markers doesn't make any real difference and if you do get lost there are small markers on the side of the board to give you something to home in on.


The worn finish, as it comes from the factory, is a fingerprint magnet but some elbow grease and a good polish solves this and gives a wonderful soft sheen to the finish.


Push it to the edge of feedback and the top comes alive with air pulsing out of the f holes like a snorting bull.

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