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Damned capitalists.
















Ya know something?

I KNOW there's good money spent on marketing research to determine what the "next big thing" might be.

Products come and go.

Companies can claim to be on the leading edge, establish market trends instead of simply following them.


When sales slow, they can quickly pull a product off the market before prices collapse.

Fire-sale pricing bruises the fruit and will tarnish the reputation.


Look at the story of the Les Paul.

Gibson waited until demand was indeed high enough to resume production in 1968.


Look at all the various reissues since then.

How many different 1959s have there been - and all of them slightly different.

Gibson spins it by saying "Well, we're not sure what a REAL 1959 would be, so this is close..."


Traditional will ALWAYS sell if it's done right - with expected ups and downs.


Trends, fads, and gee-whiz gadgetry is great for short-term profits if you play it right.

And you have no problem with insulting the intelligence of your most devoted (and moneyed) customers.



All the people I know with the Rock Band/Guitar Hero games?

I've offered to bring my Marshall stack over and play along - and been rebuked every time... [flapper][woot]

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But if Gibson was never creative and try new things we wouldnt have the Les Paul, which is why i promote them to keep trying.




Oh and just because Guitar Hero stoped doesnt mean anything, you still have Rock Band and those other games.

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It might be bad in a sense, because less kids would be exposed to the genre, more listen to new age music.....I'm sure some of the kids who started off playing guitar hero, graduated to a real guitar and continued listening to rock and blues, which would support the musicians we like.


Am I wrong?

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My opinion?

New stuff is fine - as long as you leave the traditional products relatively intact.


The New 2008 Standard?





To get the "standard" by which all other Les Pauls are judged, now you have to buy a Traditional?


Incorporating small running changes over the years (volutes, pancakes, Swiss cheese, chambering) is acceptable.

Seriously, as much as people talk trash about it now? When it's just done and not run up the flagpole...

No big splash is made, savvy customers will find out what's new.

If the market resists, it will be quietly phased out.



Somebody will ALWAYS b!tch with changes.

It's when the marketing adds insult to injury by hinting that last year's model is a worthless piece of sh!t....


That rubs true-blue die-hard customers the wrong way in just about any market.



Remember when THIS was their marketing campaign - and they meant it?




Now it's something like "Anything goes, just buy something - no matter WHERE it's made."

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