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Inside p/u cavity of my Studio Plus


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I posted these photos a few years ago to illustrate how thick the maple cap is, after I read somebody state that Studios only had a 1/4" maple top.


I always kinda wondered about the writing inside the p/u cavities. The neck cavity is pretty obvios, DB for Desert Burst. The bridge has LP(something)+. I could never figure out if that 3rd letter was a C or an O or something else and what it might stand for. I think it just came to me. LP (Les Paul duh)..now they couldn't use an "S" for Studio because it would get confused with Standard. So I bet they used an O for Studio. And of course + because it's a Studio Plus!

Tah Dah =D>







I figured I would just re-post them all [cool]


Edit: I could have sworn I posted this in the Les Paul section :-k Oh Well..

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