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1974 les paul custom


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Hi all, i am a newbie on this gibson site and am just trying to find my way around it at present.

I have three les pauls, a standard of 2004, a black les paul custom of 2008, and my latest acquisition, a 1974 cherry burst les paul custom.

I am a lefty but please dont hold that against me,lol.

I would love to hear from anyone here on this gibson site who can give me any more information on my 74 custom especially!.

I have had the guitar a little over 1 week now and i have to say i was astonished at the feel and playability of this guitar.

The action took me by surprise when i first pick up the guitar and starten to play it for the first time, and the overall feel was amazing in my hands.

I hope this makes sense to someone as i was completely, and very pleasantly surprised with the whole feel of this instrument.

I find the sound awesome, and absoloutly love this guitar. What a find!

It feels a very different beast to my 2008 custom for a start. I think it is probably down to a much slimmer neck!.

I have read a little about these guitars from the early to mid seventies and noted that they had three piece necks, and a three piece maple top. this one also has a two piece pancake body but, if that is in any way, not a good thing,i have to ask the question why? because, as i have said, this instrument is awesome, and has now become my first instrument of choice.

Thanks for reading my rammblings, but, on a more serious note, can anyone out there tell me a bit more about this latest guitar i have been blessed to get hold of.

cheers folks.

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Welcome to the forum and Congrats on your new Lester!


I've read that the problem with the multi-pieced body is that ultimately the pieces shrink to differing degrees, and when that happens, one can see and feel the seam between the layers.


Lots of people claim the Norlin-era Gibsons are inferior, but there are also lots of people who are really happy with their Norlin-era Gibsons. I've got a Custom from 1983, and I love it.

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