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Fender Mustang amp as recording interface


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I bought a Mustang I yesterday just to see what all the fuss was about.


It's a modeling amp that you can connect to your PC via USB - and with the included software you can play around with a bunch of their modeled amps and effects. It also comes with the LE versions of Ableton Live and Amplitube. I haven't gotten into those just yet.


Garageband sees the input while connected, and it looks as if the speaker-modeled USB output is what gets recorded.


So far, it's been fun, and for 99 bucks (get a free footswitch from MF if you go there quick) it didn't cost any more than the many plastic-y interfaces I've looked at so far.


Yeah, I know I can plug a guitar directly into the laptop, but what fun is that?


Have any of you/us gotten any further along with this than have I so far?

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Not on that amp.


But I've done pretty well recording from the "line out" of my little acoustic amp and the "stuff" that went into the computer via usb sounded just like what I heard coming out of the amp.


It sounds as if you're kinda expressing it's a decent little amp with what I though sounded like a great idea for a number of purposes - and cheep!



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