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should I get a Roland Cube 80x?


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I'm preparing to play outside of my bedroom, and I don't think my marshall mg30dfx will be loud enough. So I'm thinking of buying a Roland Cube 80x, which I've played a lot and love. But I'm afraid of buying a dud, because, from the reviews that I read, they're either really good (10/10) or really bad (2/10). But I guess this is the same for the other cubes. Anyway, is my decision a good one? How does everyone else like them? I play a lot of Rush and Led Zeppelin, if that means anything.

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I think it really depends on the type of music you play, your playing style and the type of guitar you play. All these things work in combination with each other to create your "sound". If you say you've played through one extensively and are satisfied with it, then screw the reviews, yours is the only one that counts.


In the 20-piece jazz big band I play in I play an L-5CES through a Roland Cube 30X. After a long search, and trying many amps (old, older and new), it was my amp of choice to get just the sound I was looking for (clean jazz tones). The Cube series are also packed with many nice (and usable) features. I've been hauling it around for about three years now, and have had no technical issues with it.


Roland has been building solid state guitar amps since the early 70's, and know how to do it right.

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I have a Cube 80X and I love it...

It is a very compact and powerful combo with some great FX built in and easily accessible

The JC Clean channel has real beauty and is derived from the classic Roland Jazz Chorus amp


One personal caveat though...it is a bit glassy for some tastes

A valve/tube amp would have more warmth for blues/rock


I currently run the Cube in stereo with a Laney 50w tube head/cab

And that is the most amp fun I have ever had !!




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