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Hetfield amp settings huh?

Boy, that's gonna be a tough one, unless you have the same equipment.

Use your ears, set your amp controls to 5 (flat) and slowly adjust them

You'll figure it out. Even if you find the exact settings he uses, unless you have the exact same guitar

effects, amp etc you still won't get it spot on.

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum!

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Hetfields sound has changed over the years, but in general i usually think of it as a scooped sound ... by that i mean you need a crate load of distortion, but not all the way up to eleven. Your amp EQ set something like, bass 6 or 7, middle 3 or 4, and treble at about 6 or 7, and if you have a "presence" knob on your amp then turn it up to about 7 or 8.


However, these setting are only a rough approximation that work on my Marshal with a High output humbucker at the bridge of a LP or similar type guitar. your settings may be totally different if your using a different amp etc. The basic principal i think is that "scooped" sound, which is basically high bass, flat or negative middle and a bit of treble.

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