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Was it removed from the market, or did they just stop making it?


And how has it affected you so profoundly?

Sales have been so poor they have stopped production, when my 7 year old grandson who has never played guitar insist that he doesn't need us to buy his a guitar and pay for lessons because he has guitar hero...it affects me...

I want don't think living vicariously through a computer is a good thing...someday they may just come out with "spouse hero" and a whole generation will stay home and............... [love] with the TV...

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God, I get so tired of the baby boomer fears of all the things they don't like or understand.


If you don't take into consideration all the kids that were inspired into learning to play an actual guitar by this game because they knew what they were doing was just a game and not the real thing then by this point you choose not to understand what appeals to a generation.


We ALL knew it was a damned fad, yet daily I would see threads here posted by the same people over and over again about how threatened they were by it, it was sad.


It was a great way to expose kids to all types of rock and roll and blues that built all the music they listen to today, as opposed to the electronic/techno/auto-tunned stuff they're bombarded with today.


Take pleasure in it's failure, I know I will because I won't have to see a daily thread about how it's corrupting our youth.


Just like Marilyn Manson did right gang? (shakes head)

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I'm with you Owl....if it inspired ANYONE to pick up a real guitar, it was a good thing.


So what if OTHER PEOPLE want to press buttons on a plastic guitar instead of sling the strings on a real one? More gear for you! :)


P.S. Rock Band is still around and going strong from what I can tell...so don't get too happy you guys loL!

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They said it was due to lack of interest in the music Genre. I think that is crap.

It was due to their over-saturation of the market and a new 150 dollar package every year with small less featured games throughout the year.

Your typical buy someone out and ruin the product.


I think guitar hero made a lot of people from kids to adults pick up a real guitar. Some of those might have stayed playing the real thing and some probably found out it wasn't for them.


What guitar hero gave all those people is the sense of satisfaction when you have done well that most people don't get these days. Its in that feeling they learn what the real thing can bring you so they try their hand.

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Hmmm, they flooded the market with Guitar Hero and Rock Band games featuring every artist that ever had a hit single. Pumping out more new variants of the game every week. I'm guessing they're suffering from too much Self Competition.


And, on the same old side note I always bring up in these video game threads. I don't believe for a second that Guitar Hero has been in any way detrimental to Real Guitar Playing. I don't believe for a second that all these kids playing video games would be leaning something as complex as a Guitar instead of playing a video game. Maybe they'd be outside paying Cops and Robbers, or maybe they'd be throwing rock at cans (or cars). But I don't think there's any video game that could quell the drive of a budding musician. If anything, Guitar Hero exposes young budding guitarists to all eras of guitar music. Kids today know who Mountain is, kids in my 80's High School didn't. I think that alone is worth singing Guitar Hero's praise.

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Thank you Firstmeasure, I completely agree, and I shouldn't have generalized "baby boomers" as the only group that's down on guitar hero and such, it's not fair and I'm sorry to all, but I stick by the essence of my post.


A big factor when it comes to these types of games is the plastic peripherals, because of the constant re-relseasing and the cost of the digital add on content; it was only a matter of time. People got tired of the plastic piling up and having no where to put it and having it be out dated in less than a year.


Stuff like DJ Hero, Tony Hawk's Grind, or perhaps the most notorious prior to the rock band drum kit, Steel Battalion, will never sell for as long as a simple First person shooter like Call of Duty or Halo, and certainly not nearly as well as games like Mario, or other easy to access, family games.


They basically start off as a fad and that's the end of that it's only a matter of time.


BTW here's that Steel Battalion controller, it was a giant robot game from Japan (go figure!)



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A couple years ago, i was talking to my nephews who where, then, at that ripe "Guitar Zero" age. I asked if they played it. They said, "No. For a little more money, you can have the real deal." My sister is a good mother. [thumbup]



BTW, if my signature tag had anything to do with the demise of the Guitar Zero, I'm tickled.

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