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TT3 Completing a full manual


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Hei, I think that as me, lots of new steinberger ZT3 users don't know much about the whole thing os holes for keys screws and knows the basics (only after seeing the ned's video about tuning the guitar).


So I'll start the simple thing. Hope it's useful (the first one I'm writing it's for beginners like me, if something is incorrect please you are free to say it)




Adjusting the lever from the lever screws.

-There are two screws, you tighten them between each other to mantain them together for long time.


Floating bridge on the desired key (D, D#, E, F, F#) or whatever configuration you have. You can adjust the counter spring in whatever position (not much use going to the lowest o highest (no range in on way and exagerated to the other).

-Thorugh the Thumb Wheel Adjuster (the big thing behind the guitar.


Looseness or tightness of the lever.

-Int he place you screw the lever in the bridge, there are two key holes (upt to you).


Tuning the guitar (tuning the 5 positions:

-6 tuning knobs: tuning in the highest position.

-6 Key holes on under next to the base of the strings: check the tune in the lowest position.

If I understand only using those the 5 positions whould be the whole thing to have the 5 positions in perfect pitch (not working with me)

Recomendation, when you check the low position don't get angry, you can tune the strings (more or less) individually, that's really helpful, if you don't find the tune in the lowest position go to the highest and retune it and after you'll aproach to the main thing)


Intonation (I haven't done it yet, seems easy as any other bridge)

-Loosen the set screw on the side (This unlock the saddles)

-If intonation is high adjust the saddle backward or forward if it is low by the key hole they have forward.

-Retighten the set screw


Setting the action (STRING HEIGHT) (never donde before in this bridge)

-Loosen the set screw on the side.

-Using the Hex wrench , adjust the saddle set screws up and down to desired action height.

-Retighten the set screw.


ATTENTION! This is not for answering question about individual problems, this pretends to be a serious post about a DIY adjusting. The ones who post about the bridge functions do it like I've done before more or less: First the function or something related to the issue, next the anatomic concrete part and a little how to do it.


Thanks a lot for your cooperation and as you can see my main language is not english, don't make this a trouble. I wish we can do a really useful manual for all us. LET'S DO SOMETHING BIG!!

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STEPPED METAL THING: At the bottom of the bridge there's a stepped metal piece that you can see when you bend to graver tones, the piece that blocks into the 5 position of affination.

-Probably to regulate the affination, to make the middle position be in tune when the higher and lower positions are.

-I haven't done but it's highly possible , and the screw next to the one of the stepped thing could be as like the one of releasing the higher of the strings and the intonation, but I wouldn't swear on it.


If someone can say if I'm right or correct me , please do it, because it affects to every one who takes my manual as a real one, and I wouldn't like to cause problems to other people by my own mistakes. thanks.

But you will understand that a complete manual about TT3 is needed for lots of steinbergers newbies.

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