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Fret Buzz on my R9! (annoying!!)


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Hey so I'm having the some problems with fret buzz. My R9 is my prized puppy, the buzzing isn't coming through the amp, and I am not a DIY guy when it comes to the R9. For me, that's like doing open heart surgery on my own kid.

Anyways, I did the 6th string test - where press down on both the 1st and 7th fret to see if the the neck is bowed backwards, too straight, or bowed down. Thankfully, the string still BARELY sits above the fret. So it appears I've got good, nice low action.


However, I haven't changed the strings in a while, so that could be the buzzing, but if my memory serves me right, when I first got the guitar, I had new strings on it and I still had mild open string and fret buzz. But today has been a nightmare, I have open string buzz problems like nobody's business, but if I also press down on any string on any fret for the (mainly the 4th-6th strings), then I get buzz (acoustically). None of the buzz seems to transfer through my amp, so in a nutshell... I'm so f****** lost....

  • The neck appears to be straight (or barely relieved) and the string still sits above all the frets (as I mentioned earlier, I used the trick you all stated.)
  • The tailpiece is pretty damn low...
  • The intonation isn't perfect right now
  • Open string buzz - IF I need to replace the nut... Where am I going to be able to get the same one that is "befitted" upon the 59 reissues?
  • I need to get some new strings



Main question, should I just take this puppy in and get it checked out and set up properly after I buy some strings and try that out?


Thanks guys, any help is appreciated.

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Try raising your bridge. If you raise your bridge a lot and still have open string buzzing, the grooves in your nut may be too deep.

You should also buy and read one (or both) of these books.





Setting up a Les Paul is not rocket science but if you have no clue what you're doing, pay somebody the $50 - $100 to set it up for you.

Pre 2009 R9s have a corian nut; post 2009 R9s have nylon. Nylon is what was used in 1959.

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some tips..first rule is that if the strings buzz all the way up and down the neck, the action is too low..period. also, unless there is buzz playing open strings only and none when fretting, there is no reason to think the nut is wrong. another thing, sometimes a string might get a kink in it causing the action to change, like leaning the guitar on the strings or just by playing, so keep that in mind. having said that, there is nothing wrong with making small adjustments yourself..the lp lends itself to that quite well with the tom bridge. (if you want you can keep track of them by writing them dowm..1/2 turn treble side bridge, ect.)

maybe its time for a new post, eh? seems you are not the only one asking.

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Thank you guys so much for your input. I truly appreciate it, the gibson forum members are quite stellar.


I will pack on a fresh set of strings and raise the bridge. I figured the tail piece being low isn't going to make much of a difference.

If there's still open string buzz, the nut being the issue, I'll upgrade to the nylon nut and have it done by a pro, but I can do the bridge and string swap no set (otherwise I'd be unworthy of an R9, or any LP for that matter).


If I know how to read my serial # right... it's 9 0585

Which should mean it's Reissue 59 - Year 2000 - 585th guitar, so I do have a corrian nut... which blows as far as "specs" go but it sounds great to my ears.



You guys are making my birthday/college graduation present have so much more value by coming to a place like this and finding great info. Thanks again so much, and it's much appreciated. I'll get a copy of one of those books and be under way!



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