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The difference?


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What is the difference between a Gibson Hummingbird, and a Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage? I'm planning to buy my very first expensive guitar, and I don't know which one of them I should buy.


The best thing would be to just go and try them both, but time is short for me at the moment..


Also, whats the main reason the true vintage is so much more expensive than the original one?



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Get the reg Hummingbird............Or a Taylor.........


I hate tylor, it was awful the one I tried. And yeah I got to try them both today, and the true vintage model was so horrible.. I was truly disappointed. Might have been that specific guitar, but.. The modern classic however was beautiful sounding.

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Find one with FRESH STRINGS.


You will not be disappointed.



I've played a BUNCH of Gibson acoustics over the years, and been impressed by very few.

Made well, but the tone or balance never appeared in the same guitar that played the way I liked.

I understand the Hummingbird has a loyal following, and I don't intend to insult their owners, but...


Owned a couple Martins from the seventies and eighties - supposedly the benchmark of modern acoustic guitars.

Sold 'em.


If I buy another acoustic, it will most likely be a Taylor 615 with a Florentine cutaway.

Not saying my opinion matters more than the next guy's - but there it is.

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