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I pulled the Trigger...........


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I have had a few Gibson’s come and go over the years; a ’73 Les Paul, ’67 EB-3, ’59 LG0, Firebrand Les Paul, a Les Paul Deluxe or two and recently a ’94 J-100 Xtra. I still have a 1970 F-12 “The Gibson” mandolin and a 2002 L-200 Emmylou Harris model. All of my Gibson’s were purchased used but today I’m pulling the trigger on a new Songwriter Deluxe Modern Classic12 stringer from Musician’s Friend. I have owned Epiphone, Yamaha, Ovation, Martin and Taylor 12 stringers over the years but never had one that I felt was a keeper despite my love for 12 stringers. After 30 years of searching for the right one I hope that my first new Gibson will be it.


I must say that it isn’t easy to find a place where you can play a new Gibson acoustic. Sure; Guitar Center is 10 miles away but they only have 2 or 3 in stock and my closest 5 Star Dealer is 170 miles away. At least with MF you get a generous 45-Day return period so I won’t loose too much sleep if I just don’t love the thing.


Incidentally to get the right Les Paul it took a PRS Custom 24. To get the right small-bodied Martin it took the L-200; go figure!!!

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"Pulled the trigger": Better watch it, the PC Thought Police may be dropping by. Also avoid the word "target" if you're smart. :rolleyes:


12 strings: A friend just had the best 12-string I've laid hands on come though his small shop last week: a Martin DM-12. It sounded really nice, and played ever better. Very easy to play. He was asking $400 for it. While I was there a young chap came in and played it for about ten minutes (and played very nice blues, BTW) then bought it. I was half thinking of grabbing it myself, but I feel it fell into the right hands. I'm not a 12-string guy myself, but that one called out to me.


I have a mint condition (Martin) Sigma 12-string, probably made in late '80s or early '90s, orange sunburst top with a chestnut body. Literally looks unplayed. Anyone interested?



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