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happy valentines day!

S t e v e

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Always give your girlfriend chololates

It makes them feel sweet

Chocolate tastes good

Never give your girlfriend a piece of gum for Valentine's day

It makes them feel weak or unwanted

And gum is too little of a price to give to your girlfriend

Love your girlfriend on Valentine's day

Don't make them feel bad

Always buy chocolates for your girlfriend

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Happy Valentine's Day folks.


Flowers for the wife... she still has tons of chocolate from Christmas and forbade me to get jewelry. I'll take her out for dinner tonight.




For those with no one to celebrate with, ...and I have been there, too.... buy some flowers and give them to any random person who looks like they need cheering up. I've done it and it makes a difference :)

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This is my first "alone" valentine's day since 1977.


I was thinking about cruising the trailer parks for a 'rent-a-valentine'.


Submit resumes by email and include a photo.


Here's one from me. [love]



Don't forget to [wub] your daughters.

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Beautiful burst custom Joaquin. Played one just like it at the famous Manny's Music in NYC before they closed down forever. Creepy sig, Dem00n. Other than that, from this lonely old f**k...screw Valentine's Day!!


Thank you [smile]


Yeah, that sig made me lose my marbles....

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