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96 Epi LP Classic


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New to the forum. Just bought a 1996 Epi Les Paul Classic. Appears to be all original. Great condition. Looking to find out if I should change anything out, any issues I sshould look out for. thanks

Welcome to the forum, beautiful looking LP you got there, HNGD.


The most common things that are upgraded are the 3-way switch, the jack and the nut. The switch and the jack are usually upgraded to Switchcraft brand replacements and this is usually done for reliability reasons. The most common nut replacement is for a Tusq brand replacement and this is usually done for better tuning stability and slightly improved sustain.


None of these upgrades will cost very much to do.

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Yup, the switch and the jack tend to be the week points, a lot of guys tend to replace them, and also the pots and capacitors too while they are in there.


Some guys really go for a full on mod', and change the tuners, nut, pickups, bridge/stoptail, and all the electrics. But this is unnecessary unless you just enjoy modifying guitars, or you want optimum playability and sound quality for recording gigging.


Nice axe [thumbup] and welcome to the forum.

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