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Upside Down TR Cover for ES-335

Musician Named GoB

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Hey everyone, I'm new to contributing on here. I have been reading the forums for a little while now, and have learned a lot. That being said, I come to you, the knowledgable and passionate ES owners. And thanks in advance for your input.


I recently purchased a used 2005 Gibson ES-335 Red Satin finish, and after the longest 10 days of my life waiting for UPS, who was stuck in TX for a week, finally got here to New Orleans last night. Anyways, she's beautiful and sings so sweetly. I haven't had a real chance to open her up, volume wise, but all indications she's great. I was doing the initial inspection and noticed the Truss Rod cover was upside down, basically it was a left-handed truss rod cove for a right handed guitar. I called Gibson and they ran the serial # and it checked out, in other words it wasn't a "chinese rip off".


Does anyone have any explantion or comments about this?


Btw, I also just got a Fender Deluxe Reverb Re-Issue to go along with my Blues Junior NOS, man the DRRI is freakin sweet. Totally doesn't relate to the truss rod issue, just wanted to share with people who can appreciate what I'm hearing with my earballs.

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