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What's your experience with the Limited Edition les Paul Special?


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Hey, all -

I was in a GC store yesterday and saw a yellow Epi Les Paul Special with P-90's hanging on the wall. I'd seen a few of this model before there that looked cheesy - the yellow looked too yellow, the cherry looked too red, if you know what I mean. I thought the color on this really looked good - kind of muted, with the wood grain peeking thru. I took it down and played it acoustically and was impressed with the level of finish and the feel of the guitar. But after about 5 minutes, the neck started to feel sticky. Is this a finish issue, or the result of this guitar hanging on the wall and being fondled by others before me? Anyone have any experience with owning or playing one of these for an extended time?

The price was unreal - $299!!!! I'm sorely tempted, but I need a second opinion.

Thanks -


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Not so much a second opinion as I can't be there to play it.

I do like mine. I don't have a problem with the neck. I keep mine polished and clean. I wipe it down when I'm done playing it. I also wash my hands before playing any of my guitars.


To the best of my knowledge, the finish on Epiphones are polyester not polyurethane. Polyester is even thicker, often resulting in a high gloss plastic like finish that can seem tacky to the touch. Lately, many of the finishes I have seen on Epis are not quite so heavy. Maybe they are getting better at it?


Many people do smooth or even dull that finish to make it smoother. There is info in the DIY at the top of the Lounge on dulling a polly finish.


As to the one in particular that you played, who knows? The factory finishes do not seem consistent.


Best I could say would be to ask them, in the store, for some polish and a polishing rag. Polish the neck and play it for a while and then see what you think about it.


Better still, you may want to take your own along and then ask them for permission. Just tell them your concerns for the neck......I say take your own as I do not know for sure that GC knows what guitar polish and a rag are for!



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I like mine well enough, even though it has the banana yellow paint job.




I think after the first run, they told the factory to cool it with the yellow tint, and subsequent versions are a little more translucent.


I think I paid around $329, so $299 for a trans yellow one is a good deal. I seem to remember at least one member here got one for $279.


But in retrospect, I wish I'd saved the dough toward one of these: http://guitars.music...itar?sku=H71136

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I bought mine last Novermber during the Black Friday sale.

Musiciansfriend.com had them for $249 and I think I had a 20% coupon that brought it to $211.

Brian is right. When these first came out, I played one that was bright yellow. It was an 09.

This one is a 2010 and has the transparent finish.



(Sorry for the change in the colors, somthing with Photobucket.)


I also have to say that the '09 left me cold. No personality to it when I plugged it in at the store. The sound was so so.

This one has great sustain and a wonderful tone through my Blues Jr.

I highly suggest you get one.


Guitar Center is having their President's Day sale this weekend. You can get a 15% off coupon on line to bring to the store.

That's $44.85 off of the list.

Comes out to about $255.

Not a bad price.

Sale starts tomorrow.



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Thanks, guys - as always, you can count on the forum for good feedback. I've got my coupon in hand and I'm going to hit the store this weekend and give the LPS a closer look and a longer play.

I love P-90's - the stock Epi's in my Sorrento, the Lindy Fralins in my ES-330, and the GFS Vintage in my ES-120/125td conversion. I think a little solid body P-90 action could be just the ticket.

I played a buddy's SG the other day and remembered why I sold mine: the long neck is not comfortable for me. I was psyched for the Nighthawk to come out, but I imagine that the Nighthawk's longer scale might give me the same problem.

Lord knows the last thing I need is a new guitar - but this coupon is burning a hole in my pocket. If I get it, I'll post pix.



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