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well my new toys finaly arived today [biggrin]


ibanez rga72qm hardtail, this replaces the rg770dx i sold a few months back :)








marshall ma100c all vavle 100 watt...




are those EL34's i see glowing [biggrin]




tomorrow i'll lemon oil the neck and fit some 12-60 d'darios B)

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nice new stuff man!!! [thumbup]


the Marshall MA series are great sounding amps, and considering they're all valve Marshalls, pretty affordable too... i was actually considering going for one of the 50w half stacks... but alas it was a little outta my price range at $1100 [biggrin]


i like the quilt top on that guitar... very nice!! i assume it's a shred machine right? how much did you have to shell out for it?

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cheers guys! loving my new toys [biggrin] , the ibanez is better than the rg770dx model i sold recently imo in sound/feel AND looks...well happy at the mo, a bit tired from work but still found the strength to pluck some notes...soon as my mic arrives i'll get a soundclip up [thumbup]

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Very nice hope you love it.


Ibanez and Schecter are the two main brands I have never been able to bond in any way with those pointy style guitars. I have never really liked the way they looked, felt or sounded. I have tried them several times in the past but have ended up getting rid of them pretty quick.


That is a nice looking guitar though and I can't remember seeing many purple guitars maybe I'll have to try one again sometime fairly soon.

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