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Highest Quality Led.


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I have been a Led Zeppelin fan since I was young. I can probably thank my father for that. (One of the few things I can honestly thank him for.)


Anyways, I own and have heard pretty much everything there is to hear/own when it comes to Led.


I was wondering if any of you know whether or not the digital download versions that were released to iTunes and such are higher quality than previous versions? Basically, am I going to hear the difference when I play them on my set up here at home than the others which I have that are high quality themselves.

I get the feeling they are probably the highest fidelity versions out there. Problem is, my computer doesn't tell the story since as it pertains to audio it blows.


I was thinking of popping for the entire set if so. 99 bucks for a complete set is worth it if they are better in my opinion.


Yes, I am an audio snob. [flapper]

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What's a hunnerd bucks for a high-stepping audiophile?


We're talking about Led Zep man - are you a REAL fan or not?!?!???



Well thats exactly what I said, I am willing to pay the money for it, I just don't know if they are the higher quality or not.

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well, lets see. first off, what is the format for the digital downloads? is the format greater than the disc format you already have? just a scenario: if the format was equal, say 24/96, you would have to consider what the quality is of the burner on your computer vs the pressing of the cd. and then, you have to consider your computers ability to transmit the digital signal to the disk.

so what system are you using, i mean your stereo? do you have downloads now? how do they sound? you still spin vynal? what you play them on?

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