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Here's an alternative to Audacity


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While looking for something completely different I stumbled across this FREE little audio editor called Wavosaur. I like it better than Audacity for mastering tracks as it's does many things better and it's very light on CPU resources. The main advantage is that it uses VST plugins in real time and you can hear and adjust your VST FX (using their own GUI) before you commit to using them and it handles them extremely well. You can also make up a "rack" of FX and recall them later. It also handles files up to 24 bit 96Khz. You might like to give it a try, especially as the price is right. Here's a link > http://www.wavosaur.com/download.php


Additional: Worth remembering that this is an editor. It doesn't do multi-track like Audacity does as far as I can see.

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Try Ardour: http://ardour.org/

If you use Mac or Linux you'll be surprised... if you're using Windows, well... shame on you! [tongue]

LOL, I can't afford a Mac and using Linux is like trying to knit fog apart from the fact that there must be about 100 different Linux distributions. I'll stick with my PC and my $40.00 copy of Reaper.

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