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What's under them kilts?


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Well, as one of the Scots whose a regular on here and probably the only person who trained and spent 18 years making kilts and tailoring, I think I qualify to comment on this, hence my nickname..lol.

firstly, theres nothing "WORN" under my kilt, its all in good working order!!

second never trust someone who's wearing a kilt and has dundruff on their shoes!!

third, some may say theres nothing worn under a kilt except hose (socks) and shoes!!


On a sensible note, its down to personal choice, many folk i know and have dealt with have gone down the route of wearing nothing, thats ok if its your own kilt but kilt rental is big business and I used to suggest to customers to wear underwear because no matter how often or how well the outfits are looked after and cleaned, do you really want you bobby and bawbag rubbing the same cloth that dozens of other have rubbed against? Usually they decided to put underwear on. After all you wouldn't rent another mans underwear.. well.. maybe some would..lol

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Furthermore to Tartanbeastie's comments I'd just add that there are at least three occasions where Higland Dress protocol dictates that underwear must be worn under the kilt whether it's your own or not.


Usually when the presence of the 'Fair Sex' would be expected - at a formal dance, for instance. It is considered Very Bad Form to present a situation where one or other parties might experience embarassment.


Once upon a time, kilted regiments of Her Majesty's armed forces, if on parade on a windy day, were required to wear 'Troos'. I'm not sure if this convention is still enforced.



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