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The "Main Squeeze" Thread


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Conversation with my son...just about a half-hour ago...

Me: "You know what I love?"

Son: "Your guitar?"

Me: "Yes, my guitar!" [Gibson SG Standard, cherry finish]

Son: "Do you love it more than anything else?"

Me: "Yep."

Son: "Do your other guitars know?"

Me: "Yes. They know."


Is dem00n your son? [flapper]

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Oh No, I have to choose!?!



Ok, here's the dilemma. I'll always love my 1988 Olympic White Stratocaster, It's been my #1 since I was 17 years old. I'm the first and only owner, learned almost everything I know on it, it's been with me in all my travels, and it's one sharp looking Strat. However, in the last 6 years I've really grown attached to my '95 Nighthawk. It has the voice I need for what I do most (Rock, Blues, Metal), it's very easy to maintain, hard tail so drop tuning is a snap, and it gets at least one compliment per gig.


So there you have it,

"Torn between two lovers, feelin' like a fool

Lovin' both of you is breakin' all the rules "

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Choose you say?

I say I can not.


One woman?

Yes. Yes.

Better one

than a lot.


But one guitar?

I simply can not

I will not

I shall not

I patently refuse...

There are simply too

many choices to choose.


Sometimes I need

the brawn of a Paul.

But sometimes the twang

of a Tele does call.

And often the sweet,

sweet, taste of the Strat

makes all of the others

wait their turns at bat.


And often, most often

perhaps oftenest of all

the hearty acoustic

does answer the call.

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Okay Searcy...


What the heck are those!???


Okay, for me... a bit of changing over the past year from the 175 to the Dot and a couple Epi AE boxes.


The Dot mostly because it's not so temperature/climate sensitive hauling it around as the full hollow. The AE... it's a nice little parlor guitar that can howl a little when electrified.


I know. I'm gray-haired and shouldn't "howl."


Like #@$% I shouldn't.



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Whaaaa when did this happen? Tell me more


I love my SG. Don't get me wrong. It's the bee's knees. The Tele is just working better for my band/ style right now.

I got it last week man wit my tax cash. Its super comfy and I really like the jumbo frets. Its a whole different beast than the SG which is why its awesome.It just need a humbucker in the bridge.

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