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How much buzz is too much buzz


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I've got a new J45 and been playing her constantly...


The action is pretty high, stock standard from the factory, but there's a bit of buzz when you give her a just a little bit of punch, also heavier around the 5th fret..


I'd like to lower the action to make her a bit more playable, but I'm worried this will aggravate the buzz even more....


Any thoughts on guitar buzz ??



also - i've never owned a "new" guitar straight from the factory (stamped out of Gibson factory end of January)


how much will the guitar change in the coming weeks/months?? Should I worry about the action, or let her play in first???

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I had to get a professional set up done on mine when I got it brand new. The action was a tad high for my liking. I think Gibson does that intentionally because it's easier to lower action than raise it. Things that affect action/buzzing: weather and humidity changes, string gauge, and some have said playing it as it *settles*. I'd suggest you get a pro set up done. When I bought mine the cost of a pro set up was included and they told me to take it home and play it for awhile, then come in and get it set up.

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the thing with flat tops is the top will go up or down depending on the weather and string gauge. it is not much hardly at all, but it can affect the action. and also, action is not as easy to set as say an electric, so that is one reason that flat tops traditionally have higher action. you can, however, get the action to play as good as an electric if you want.

so, if you are going to do an action job, it would be good to settle on string gauge first. personally, i find that different guitars like different gauge, especailly acoustics. to much tention and the top doesn't want to vibrate its best and to loose doesn't vibrate enough, that happy medium i think the guitar tells you. i may be too picky though.

also, the part you read above about the guitar loosening up, that is something to keep in mind and half of that might be because you take it home and the guitar gets used to its environment. how long you wait is up to you, you can always redo it. (i did..lol).

now me, i like the action nice and low. not having to push the strings down as hard makes it sound better i think, more bright and snappy, and keeps it more in tune when squeeze the tone out of it. but i admit i pay a price sometimes when the weather changes.

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