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my latest buy.


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That wikipedia pic looks strangely familiar :-"

I think the 165 is overlooked by far to many players.

Just be careful with the tailpiece lol.. they can be fragile!




Nice, very nice indeed. But you're right it's a wikipedia picture.

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What were you playing before?

i had a gibson 175 in the blond color, i never played it out of the home. i sold it to a gibson guitar collector for twice my cost. i loved the guitar but not the color.the guitar was in pristine condition. i have been playing epip broadways and joe pass models all in sunburst colors. just recentley a bought a heritage 550 sb in color in excellent mint condition. of course i have fender strat's and tel's and a custom g&l asat.1994. i have a total of 18 guitars, just sold two last week a joe pass and a partscaster strat to a local blues rock musician.

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cannot post pictures. it tells me this file too big to upload.


Try posting to photobucket then copy the address to a post here. You can adjust the size at photobucket.


Love the 165. And appreciate that you are afflicted with GAS.

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