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Open letter to Mr. Juszkiewicz


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Dear Mr. Juszkiewicz,


besides that i´m a huge music fan, which includes buying many different guitars, i´m one of the guys

who are very connected to traditional things. Even that i´m from germany, i´m kinda proud of what

people in many nations have invented or built, for example cars in germany. In your case it is the

electric guitar. So i really do not understand why Gibson is not fighting harder against all those

chinese Gibson copies. I just watched many actual videos on youtube where people promote these fake

guitars and by the way mainly from the usa. Is there nobody taking care at the clearing office for imports

or is there not enough pressure from Gibson to neglect these imports.


I really do not understand too why Gibson is not making a way more offensive promotion. You should

point out way more what a Gibson guitar is. It is a legend, the best guitar manufacturer ever and

it is made in the USA. Call it patriotism or whatever, but people should stand again side by side what made

a country famous. Gibson/USA, Mercedes/Germany, Gucci/Italy those are some examples, but more and more

these chinese companies are taken over and sooner or later nothing is left. People should realize what

is gonna happen when everybody is buying fake chinese articles, all of us are gonna loose their jobs.


Besides this, please let me write some more things what i think is going wrong with Gibson. Instead of

flattering bankers or other rich people with your custom made and super expensive editions, you should

take way more care about the customers who keep a company alive. It is the people who buy thousands

and thousands of the low and mid price instruments. A company like Gibson can not exist from selling 50 units

of a signed and aged les paul signature from a famous musician. Even i can afford right now buying high

priced guitars, i still know how it feels being treated less important than those people with a fat purse.


Finally let me say something about your employees, the most valuably resource in a company. You can invent,

or offer whatever you want, if it happens that you are not connected to the people in your company anymore,

your mission to make Gibson´s standing as it was in the past,will fail.


Kindest Regards,

Olli Luther



It happened now that there was not any review of a Gibson guitar in the leading music magazines in germany

for over TWO years and it was not the fault from the magazines. They have requested to get more than once

to get instruments for a review.



I hope we are old enough to keep a discussion in an adult way, it is not my intention to offend somebody,

but an active discussion is effecting often positive an operation.

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You can ask Henry by going to his forum. Here is a response from what I think is a Gibson employee.


My own opinion is "buyer beware." Everyone has access to the internet. They can see how much a Gibson costs quite easily these days. If they see one that sells for a fraction of the cost, then like the old saying goes "if it's too good to be true, then..."

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Gibson instruments have always been expensive, so I fully know what I'm in for financially.... Basically know what you're willing to pay.


As for the custom sig offerings, I think it's great Gibson has these offerings.... Keep in mind anything custom ordered or a one-off is gonna be $$$$$... Trying ordering a custom Nokona baseball glove... $4xx


As for the counterfeit ****..... The people buying them are the ones to blame [cursing]

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